August 26


Why not sell your home in today’s hot market

The good news about staying in your home is that with rising prices, chances are you have built a lot of equity in your home. It is possible to access your home’s equity and renovate your home and finish it the way YOU want. The idea of refinancing your home and accessing the equity in cash to renovate is pretty simple. The part most of us have a hard time with is “where do I begin the renovation and design process, and who has time to make it all happen?” There is a solution that starts with selecting the right company to help you begin. Just think, you can design and update a new kitchen, bathrooms, even create additional square footage or a mother-in-law apartment for extended family or rental potential.

The selection of professionals to help guide you through the process is essential. The first step is to identify an experienced mortgage loan consultant and company to take care of all the financing. A seasoned mortgage professional can ensure your goals and needs are satisfied. Next, you need to select a reputable general contractor to take your dream from design to completion. This can be overwhelming to many homeowners as there are so many companies offering these services and who to trust?.  

Where should you start if you want to stay in your home and renovate it? The answer is simple, 9x Mortgage works closely with 9x Homes to help you simplify this complex process and idea.


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