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What are the facts

Did you know? In 2000, 1 out of 150 children were diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder. Today that number has increased in prevalence to 1 out of 54. Today, facts are hard to ignore because more and more families face overwhelming challenges and do not allow them access to effective therapy —one key contributing fact to this growing problem is the lack of Insurance Coverage.

A lack of insurance coverage is the number one barrier to a child receiving ABA therapy.  Most major insurance companies have strict requirements to prove medical necessity and often have high deductibles; many families either do not qualify for or cannot afford ABA therapy.

The pandemic in 2020 only made things worse. Many people lost their jobs and their insurance due to Covid-19. Without insurance coverage or assistance in obtaining coverage, even more families and children who need ABA services will not meet their needs.

At Colorado ABA therapy, we lead with empathy, always trying to help.

Colorado ABA Therapy provides insurance guidance once a family decides to engage with us or are just exploring their options. Since funding will determine if one’s child will obtain the therapy they need, this is one of our top priorities. We take the time to learn about everyone’s family situation and guide people through funding options to find solutions.

Over the years, we have supported many families navigate their current insurance policy, change insurance policies, and leverage state-funded programs to obtain ABA therapy.

For families who have lost their insurance due to COVID-19, we have served families by utilizing the Medicaid Buy-In Program through the state. This program allows for individuals without coverage to access ABA with 100% coverage regardless of their diagnosis.

ABA Therapy makes a world of difference to families’ lives and wellbeing. In today’s society, every family we help ultimately helps the local community at large dismiss inequalities by providing more and more of a chance to thrive to all its members.


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