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9x the Blessings + 9x the Resources = 9x the Success 

Letter from Founder & CEO -- AJ Washington

Vision combines with purpose. 9x Corp is a capital firm located in Denver Colorado. We look for people with ideas, entrepreneurs with passion, start ups that want our help launching, funding, and scaling their product or service to market. 

When you join forces with our executive team, 9x the Blessings + 9x the Resources = 9x the Success.

We Focus On Two Core Areas:

Business Development

Through our Executive Partner Program, we create, develop, launch and scale new and existing businesses. On the backend, we provide the executive team, the tools, the training, the funding, and the expertise to nurture and accelerate hyper growth.

Real Estate Development

Whether it is from the ground up, or an existing home, we purchase, rehab and build custom homes for profit.

Our Purpose On Earth

Is to help people by accumulating and sharing our resources. With this in mind our intention is to build a legacy business that will survive 150+ years.

With Respect, Love, & Honor,

AJW, too blessed to be stressed!

Build Business, Build Wealth, Build Lifestyle

These Are 9x Assets Under Management

Therapy services for kids with Autism and other behavioral disorders

Funding for businesses, fix and flip projects and multi-family

We make residential and commercial loans easy

Helping you buy and sell beautiful homes

Custom home new builds and remodels for any budget and size

Inspiring Local Impact -- Coming soon

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9x Corp

Founder & CEO

AJ Washington

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Deanna H.

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Santana P.

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