About Us


​​​Letter from Founder & CEO -- A.J. Washington

Vision, meets purpose. 9x is a business ​development company, headquartered in Denver, Colorado. We develop teams with the ability to understand their dreams and make them a reality.

We develop highly scalable start-up companies, through our Executive Partner Program.

We build legacy businesses, through a smart system of business hedging for market protection. "Legacy" refers to something left after you are gone. Something you can pass down to your grand ​children and theirs etc...

​9x is a group of companies designed to be around long after we are gone. Will your business be around in 150 years? 9x will be.

​Visionaries like Jeff Besos - Amazon, Elon Musk - SpaceX & Tesla, Steve Jobs - Apple, and Mark Zuckerberg - Facebook.  

Walk with purpose,

A.J. Washington, too blessed to be stressed!

​Companies Owned by 9x

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​9x Capital

​Private capital management. We fund residential and commercial real estate development projects in the Denver Metro area. Our focus is on long term growth strategies with short term measured results.

​9x Mortgage

​Providing the best lending experience for home

purchases, refinances, debt consolidations, cash out refinances and investment property financing.

​9x Realty

​Service you can depend on. Whether you are looking to buy or sell, we will help you ​negotiate the best deal. We have access to 1,000s of properties in the Denver Metro area.

​9x ​Homes

We are builders you can trust, providing ​

construction and remodel services of all sizes. Single family homes, town homes, 2 - 4 multi-family units, and apartment buildings.

9x Edge

9x Edge is a private real estate membership club. We teach ​students how to be a successful real

estate investor. Our team provides the step by step direction and resources you need to get started, learn, and grow.

​9x Marketing

​Online digital marketing is here to stay.  

9x Marketing ​provides companies with digital

marketing ​​services, ​designed to drive their sales to the next level.​

9x Medical Billing

Healthcare is forever expanding. 9x Medical Billing provides medical billing services. Currently we process over one million in medical insurance claims. Our target clients are ABA therapy

companies, doctor offices, clinics, and hospitals. 

9x Foundation - Coming Soon

​​Why are we here? Humanity driven projects that promote consciousness, wellness, spirit mindedness. Our purpose is driven with clarity, distinction, drive and ambition to help people. 501 C3 - Pending

​Colorado ABA Therapy

We are one of the leading ABA therapy practices in the Denver metro area. We are providing services in over 20 cities and we specialize in serving children with special needs! ​

ABA means Applied Behavior Analysis, a method of systematically bringing about positive behavioral changes in children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). ABA is currently the only therapy that has been shown in scientific research to work.